La Política, como ha de ser

27 05 2007

27 05 2007

La politica idonea:

Carrete donde la Meche

21 05 2007

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El Desdeo de la Continuidad

2 05 2007

“El Deseo de continuidad… lleva al Presidente a buscar un sucesor que no lo amenace mientras está en el cargo, de ahí, que éste no sea, necesariamente, el l+ider m+as capaz y atractivo.”
– ¿Pero que pasa cuando este “sucesor” es electo popularmente?
– No favorece una reelección y si algo evita su seguridad.


30 04 2007

It is the eye of ignorance that assigns a fixed and unchangeable color to every object; beware of this stumbling block.
Paul Gauguin

Sporadic Thought #2

29 04 2007

So I saw this on another blog; and thought why would I just not rip it off and sort of post from there. So, I’ll proceed to further analyzing the image to your left. So one day I saw Tiung and Alex just sort of getting on and I was like “oh, thats cool, they make a cute couple” but then remember that Tiung’s husband an expert martial arts with a major in “owning a load of ninja spikes, swords, bamboo sticks and others” So they went off and I guess they sort of went to Tiung’s house, because, what the hell, the husband who is a martial arts expert with a major in owning a load of nija spikes, swords and bamboo sticks is in China buying a few more things. So I gave the a bottle of wine and told them to enjoy. So Alex goes off does his thing.. I havent heard from him since…. Any information concerning his health or whearabout will be greatly thanked.
On another, yet more serious note, winter has started here in the southern hemispheres, and well, it’s quite cold. You know, it’s always hard to pick a peculiar or more specific favorite season of the year, cause in summer you get bikinis, beaches and a really good time, and well vacations take place in summer really and thats when you can do the most. Winter its cold, and sad , trees are dead and its either raining or just… damn cold. But when it’s cold you have to look for the warmth, which just makes much more sense than not looking for it. I mean cause if your warma nd someone comes up to you and hugs you, your just … Allrite thanks for the hug, now get off, your sweating and smell bad. Yet in winter you remain with your smell, and the more hugs you accumulate the better you are. I really dont know where I’m headed with this blog, I just felt some sort of obligation to post a load of words; avoiding to study or do serious work, you know lazyness does beat you. I mean you may be productive doing something, and yet avoid everything despite the amout of work set beside the computer Im not even kidding when I say it has gathered dust.. I’m off to procrastinate and pimp up this blog, which, no one visits. 🙂

Stop Net Neutrality

22 04 2007