Virgina Tech Shooting

18 04 2007

Its so hard to write my condolences being in the southest point of the hemisphere and knowing little or nothing of the experience that thousands are going through. But I have realized I’m not alone and joining me are thousands, and I literally mean thousands of people who join the cause to remember those who have passed away. On this note, I’d like to point out that the media has allowed us to stay farther intricate in our communication. This if at anything relates to the topic, to allow the international community to demonstrate that despite any dogma or prejudice; we stand by VT, even if in words, videoblogs or in our personal space of text in the web, we are here. One example are but the hundreds of groups formed at within the last few two days, with already roaring hundreds of thousand members. My condolescences from the farthest point south, and just letting you all know — moments like these is when a good base of friends and people you can share information, memories and grief.
So go out, make memories for those who perished, let their smiles live on. Let them be remembered by the world, since they will never be forgotten by you.





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